About Dimpact

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Dimpact is an e-government related cooperation of Dutch municipalities. The organization is owned and by municipalities whose aim is not to make profit but to give benefit to its members. Dimpact was officially founded by five municipalities in 2006. Since then she has grown to about thirty members across The Netherlands, representing over 1.350.000 inhabitants. The Dimpact municipalities work together to (organize tenders to) purchase IT products and services to support modern digital government services and business operations.

Our main goal is to create a standardized government business architecture to facilitate the realization of national / European e-government goals and programs. Dimpact also plays an important role as a national knowledge centre and regularly participates in pilot projects for countywide e-government innovations.

To meet her goals Dimpact manages the purchase, implementation and hosting of software systems for online portals, multichannel communications, (service) chain integration, knowledge management, documents- and records management, content management, customer relations management and case-oriented workflow management.

In an ever more demanding environment, the biggest challenge for municipalities manifests itself however after the technological part is done. Therefore the Dimpact municipalities share knowledge and capacity to overcome their joint challenges on their way to a modern and customer oriented government.